DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone Polarized ND Filters


Essential ND Filters any drone film cinematographer would have on set.

Check out the features, and story of Mavmount Filters below.


DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone 6 Filter Set
Regular and Polarized ND Filters | ND4, ND8, ND16, ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL

The 6 most essential ND Filters any drone cinematographer would have on set.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes in Retail Packaging
  • Includes High quality protective case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth
  • Multi-Coated GLASS lens
  • Easy Grip Knurled edges for toolless installation
  • Ultra Light Frame Material
  • Razor Sharp Optical Clarity
  • These are movie level production tools we built to use ourselves on set in Hollywood. No cut corners, built to last, tested in real film environments across the planet where we must perform to high standards. Just top quality tools for professionals, and those looking for the best.

The story of mavmount filters is a simple one.
We’re working Hollywood professional aerial cinematographers, and we want to be able to control our workflow and tools as best we can by maming our own to the highest quality standards. Thats why we invented the Mavmount device adapter for the original Mavic 1, and have for every DJI drone with a foldable controller since.

The DJI Mavic 2 starting to be the drone of choice for some of the film shoots we were doing. On one project we needed to fly real close to people on a roof but not disrupt their work. Another had us flying on a single engine sea plane to a small island outside Canada where we could only bring a very small amount of gear. In short, the Mavic 2 was becomign mission critical.

We are not just a company that puts out as much product as possible…we are filmmakers that are creating tools and products to meet OUR standards on set that we offer to the public.

We weren’t seeing what we wanted in even the “best” and most well known drone filters for the Mavic 2; color cast, uneven coatings, glare from not enough layers. So we set out to find the best filter manufacturer on the planet and make the best lens. Over months of research, we finally found them.

It just so turns out, one of the most well known manufacturer of drone filters have theirs made there too.. go figure. So we start the process of having our own developed, and they give us a menu of options. This was great; we could finally choose every upgrade and filter lens option to make the finest filter possible. We learned real quick where other companies cut corners, and we spared no expense.

What options did we choose?
4K High Definition Optical Glass
Yes, a Glass lens… not plastic. You’d be surprised how many are plastic!

Multilayered lens includes:
Ultra Low Reflection on the Filter Surface, Full Unbiased Color Cast
Hydrophobic Coating
Waterproofing Coating
Oil Repellant Coating
Scratch Resistant Coating

What did we add?
We didn’t like that the filter was hard to grip when installing on the Camera lens, so we added small ridges to the frame design. Now the frame became easy to grip with any size hands.. which puts less strain on the gimbal, and thats a very good thing.

So what does these terms mean?
Even if you don’t know what all these options mean, just know that in the end, you get the cutting edge of ND Filter technology, and you know your project won’t be held back by inferior lenses built for price and not quality.

Additional information

ND Filter Types

Mavic 2 PRO 6 Pack – VIBRANT & CORE, Mavic 2 PRO 3 Pack – VIBRANT, Mavic 2 PRO 3 Pack – CORE, Mavic 2 ZOOM 6 Pack – VIBRANT & CORE, Mavic 2 ZOOM 3 Pack – VIBRANT, Mavic 2 ZOOM Pack – CORE