"Finally a U.S. made product and a quality one at that." -Heavysledz

Mavmount Team,
This mount is perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Just wanted to send over a quick word of thanks. Quality products are few and far between, and this is at the top in your category. Appreciate the mount you all have put together. Thanks again. -Dave Linteau

Thank you for the quick reply! You guys make a quality product at a great price point! I always tell people to stay away from the cheap Chinese plastic mounts and spend the little more for a quality mount." - Paul M.

Quick Note:

The mount, lock and lanyard arrived Saturday in perfect condition. The new Ipad fits quite well in the mount you sent.

I wanted to thank you again for your response to the last-minute gymnastics.

A real pleasure to do business with you.


David C.

Dear MavMount creator:
I bought MavMount 2 over this holiday season (along with some extra device brackets).

Absolutely first rate product. Reasonable pricing and excellent service. Thanks.

Best wishes (for us all) for the New Year,

EB Salt Lake City

Thank you thank you thank you! Just got the mount today and I'm really impressed. I was hesitant about a mount like that being able to hold a 10" tablet and it did it without even breaking a sweat! Amazing product and well worth the money! Thank you

Just wanted to comment on the Mavmount 2.0, "Well Done!" The best controller mount ever. I didn't think flying the spark could be any more fun, but your mount makes it even more enjoyable. Thanks!!!!


Cool. I must say, and I will say, that you have gone far and beyond what most would call customer service. Mavmount has proven that customer service is more than just answering a phone and fulfilling an order. Thanks again.

Just to say many thanks for my mavmount , tablet holder and lanyard , first class kit over the moon with it all .Ordered the item on the 9th March ,and was with me in the UK on the 17th .Keep up the good work .Best Regards John .


Just to say many thanks for my mavmount , tablet holder and lanyard , first class kit over the moon with it all .Ordered the item on the 9th March ,and was with me in the UK on the 17th .Keep up the good work .Best Regards John .


Your product is great! I initially had a mount made by PGY tech ( I own other products from that company that are also great). I hated it, it wobbled from left to right. I do a lot of research when I get a product and seeing all the positive reviews of the Mavmount really sold me on the product even though the exchange rate from U.S. money to Canadian money is not so great. Thank you!

-Eric Misson

Got my new plate today. I really admire a company who takes the time and makes the effort to create a true quality product. Thank you.

David Kropff

Just a quick message to let you know that my MavMount arrived in the mail today and it looks AWESOME.
Thanks so much for making an incredible product.


Now I would go out and try it except there's a VERY strong wind blowing outside so it's going to have to wait a little longer.

Once again, thank you for a great product.

Gary Tierney
Queensland,  Australia

Hi there.
Just a quick email to let you know that the MavMount I ordered from you arrived safely.

I have to say that when I placed my order with you I also placed an order with a company in the UK just 45 miles from me and your order arrived at my door before theirs did.  Superb service and the MavMount is also yet another super product. I looked at a few ways to mount an ipad into the remote and I definitely made the right choice. Its a very well worked out product with fantastic build quality.

Many thanks for a great service.

Best Regards,

Glen Smith ( A very happy customer)

Just received three mavmounts, lanyards, and Hoodman for IPad mini ! These mounts are incredible! DJI should offer them as accessories, it looks like part of the remote when installed. Thank You for the quick response to my requests !
-Craig L.

Just want to let you know I have really been enjoying my mount. I feel comfortable putting it in my book bag and it not breaking. You did a great job! Terrific shipping time. The best accessory hands down.

I could never go back to the phone setup. And it's really cool you use your product to do professional work. Best of luck.
- Brad franklin

Hi, thanks for the mavmount and tablet holder that arrived today. I am very impressed with the design and workmanship, and your attention to customers. Particularly pleasing is the balance of the rig when in use, and the rigidity of all elements. Best Regards, Martin Gain

"Thanks to you sir for a great product....!! I know a lot of drone owners will appreciate the functionality and longevity! I for one am very happy with my purchase! Thanks again!"
- Oregon Batman

Hi Mavmount,

Received my order today. Thanks for shipping so quickly! Great product. Very well made, look forward to using it.
Order - 13461

Bruce Chandley

"I love my mavmount for iPad mini. Well balanced and looks great. A great product."

Thanks for the quick turn around and for getting the Mavmount to me. What a super well made product.  Love it!!

Thanks for getting back to me. I bought one because without a doubt, hands down, you guys have the finest mount on the planet. I made the mistake of purchasing one of those cheap pieces of junk. The box it came in was better than the mount. I threw it away.
-Roger L.

Yippee, last week ordered, this week received ...to good old Germany! Simply great! This brilliant fitting Mavic adapter, this excellent quality of the whole system, including MavLock, lanyard and the sun hood fort he Ipad. Many thanks for this innovative system! ...wish you great success on this path of quality products & service. Looking forward to see the new gimmicks coming up :-))"

-Matthias Donner

I just wanted to let you know I received my Mavmount. It is exactly what I wanted and extremely well built. I love the color, smoothness, ease of use. Thanks for making a great product.

Tim Johnson
Johnson Precision Medical

I know it's personal preference but for me the MavMount rocks!

Solid construction and well balanced. I received mine prior to getting my Mavic and can't imagine using anything else."

- Kevin Cummings

Received my order today. Thank you. Very pleased with the build quality of the mount. It is pleasing someone has pride in his work.

- Robert Wells, Australia

Got the mount yesterday, and wow, I am impressed. The construction was flawless, the base is big enough for the shield to stand up on a desk, and the fit in the mavic controller was perfect. Thank you for designing and manufacturing a great product".

- Justin Q.

I just ordered the red mavmount 4.4-5.6" tablet adapter. Looking forward to the new set up... this plastic crap one I got off amazon is heading back to china!" - Bill

I got the blue one a a little over a month ago..I had a 3D plastic one and my iPad mini slipped all over...this one has like a non slip grip and also has more room from the antennas. I like mine very much." - Dennis Murry

"I got the MavMount and it is ROCK solid."

- Flatlandor

Just let you know very nice bracket best I haven seen. Thanks!" -George

"Gotta say I love this mount." - Chris R

Just got my mavmount. Everything about it is awesome. Thanks for making such a great product!"


Just got my mavmount. Everything about it is awesome. Thanks for making such a great product!"


I've said it on this forum and the Facebook page as well, the MavMount rocks. Solid construction, adjustable and just plain great!" - Kevin Cummings

Received mine today and works awesome. I hooked up a lanyard line for safety and its a very awesome quality product made in the USA. Well worth the cost!" - Ralph in Huntington Beach Ca.

The package arrived today.  I'd like to thank you for your help with my orders.  Everything was there and it is some high quality gear.  The mount fits so perfectly in the controller, the lanyard is one of the nicer lanyards I've seen.  And the hoodman gear is so much better in person than what the images portray.
So thanks once again!
Glen, Australia

Received mine a week ago is is totally heavy duty and extremely well balanced and functional, worth every penny" - Lightsout

I had a single concern on my delivery. It seems that UPS might have handled the package a little to aggressively and there was a tiny chip on the Clamp itself. Sent a quick descriptive email along with a photo to Mav Mount support and, without as much as a 5 minute delay they offered me a Tracking number and assured me that a replacement was on its way. Sure enough days later I have the replacement. That's Customer Service! DO Not look elsewhere--Mav Mount is what you want!- Erick Bruce

Received the MavMount today, and as a manufacturing equipment maintenance/amateur machinist guy I can say this tablet holder mount is rock solid holding my iPad air 2. The Aluminum base plate and pivot post all CNC aluminum, the tablet holder can mount the tablet 2 different ways and is made of some kind of quality plastic material that has a nice latching mechanism and holds firm.The overall balance of the controller and iPad is natural and not clunky. I first bought the SKYRET tablet mount holder from amazon and it was all cheap plastic and could barely hold the iPad in place, I didn't trust and tossed it on my garage junk pile. I also ordered a iPad stand alone holder and was going to attempt a DIY thing but found this and said forget that also. You couldn't make this yourself for what you can buy it for and trust me I have access to the machines that do." - Superdave5050

Got my Mavmount today, and i must say compared to the 3d printed ones it is head and shoulders above them. Very sturdy with different mounting options depending on whether you want to see the controller screen or not... I have a lanyard with a small 'D' ring that snaps around the base of the ball mount supporting the weight of the controller, mount, and tablet so I don't have to hold it the entire time... Everything including the tablet and sunshade fits in the Lowepro sling bag." - F6rider

Received this morning! All I can say is, wow! Much, much better than I had expected tbh! Extremely Happy!

I will post a quick review over on the RCGroups Mavic Owners thread as soon as I can (cannot see one on there yet). Hopefully that will get you a few more sales 😉
Thanks again!"

I will post a quick review over on the RCGroups Mavic Owners thread as soon as I can (cannot see one on there yet). Hopefully that will get you a few more sales 😉
Thanks again!"

Got mine in the mail today. Nice, high quality stuff. It will be great. Just need that pesky Mavic to arrive so I can actually test the whole setup!" - Joe K.

I've seen several mounts advertised, but none as versatile and well built. So I will be bold and say it's a hit!"
- Al B.

I use the MavMount with an iPad Air 2 and Hoodman USA hood. Love the combo even if I do look like a dork while using it."

Just received your MavMount and it works GREAT!!  Thank you so much!!
Roger C.

Absolutely awesome product!!!

-Jody Reed

I received today, perfect! Just what I wanted, plus I can't believe how quickly it arrived.
Thank you
James M.

Just a note to thank you for the great service.  Received the order below yesterday.....that is less than 48 hours from ordering which is pretty awesome.  Also the Mavmount is a great tool with the DJI Mavic Pro that I also received yesterday (was like Christmas Day!!).  I use the Mavmount with the Apple iPad Pro 12.9" and a Aerial Drone Accessories Master Sunshade.  Works perfectly.  Being 65 years old, I need a "drive-in" screen....ha.  Your Mavmount is first class and do not have to worry about it breaking.  Best of all.... it is made in the USA!!

Best Regards.

Tom D.
Catawba Island, Ohio

Right on man! Both your Mavmount and the Hoodman are quality products indeed! Without both, it was pretty much impossible for me to use the iPad Air with any amount of sunlight. Total game changers!"


Hi Bill, just to let you know the mav mount arrived safely to Northern Ireland today. Very happy with it and pleased with the blue. Thanks again great quality product".


After looking at all the available ipad mounts out there for my ipad mini I liked the MavMount the best, I just placed my order and looking forward to using it. Thanks for developing a high quality product!" - Nick Taylor

Hey Mate,

Just received the adapter and  wanted to say thanks for sending that out. The MavMount and the adapter work great together and are awesome products!

Thanks again!
-Marlon john

Just received your MavMount and it works GREAT!!  Thank you so much!!
Roger C.


Al here I just received the mav mount off you I just wanted to say thanks heaps and nice product quick post.. THANKS AGAIN..

- Alan Standfield

sweet, I love my orange one but the blue really caught my attention.
Lately we as drone hobbyists/enthusiasts have seen a lot of less than high quality accessories flood the market. Even if someone has no interest in a mount. You have to respect the quality of the MavMount.
Thank you William for not sacrificing quality to bring a product to market.
Hats off!" - Jamison K.

Received my Mavmount, and this thing is awesome! Looks great, and feels super solid.


Thank you so much to our faithful customers since 2016!