MAVMOUNT adapters work with every iPad and every major android tablet device that exists.

Whether you're using the folding or newer top mount DJI controllers, Mavmount has a rock solid professional solution for you.

All Mavmount adapters use precision engineering for top fit and finish, supports any screen size from a cell phone to a large 12.9" iPad! And all on a completely stable, small, light weight 6061 aircraft grade anodized aluminum drone controller mount.

 It's simply the most sturdy, lowest profile and strongest mount on the market, made from the finest materials by real drone pilots.

MAVMOUNT: For Pros, by Pros, and those that want the best.



..and our drone controller mounts always has been.

Our drone tablet mounts are made in the USA from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and anodized. This is the same material my father made used for the F-16, F-18, F-21, and Space Shuttle programs.

Our drone tablet mounts are not 3d printed or die cast metal. They are precision made on CNC machines that also make parts for nuclear reactors... we aim for quality.



We design our own products for use on feature films, commercials, music videos. With lots on the line, quality and functionality is job #1. We need our tools to be well built and reliable.

We're proud to have some of the most experienced pilots in the world using our products for critical jobs. In addition to cinema pilots in Hollywood, MAVMOUNT products are used world-wide by thousands of professionals including Search and Rescue, Fire departments, Police, Sheriffs, Military, Agriculture, Insurance, Telecommunications, and many more in addition to our regular customers that just want to use the best.




MAVMOUNT has a rep in the industry for making extremely solid mounts, and it's why one of our most requested setups is using the 122-230mm clamp. You can't rely on cheap to hold expensive hardware.

It's a robust and sturdy clamp designed for anything f4rom a iPad mini to the 12.9" iPad. You're going to like it... a lot. Click: 122-235mm Scout Prime


"All those 3D printed plastic things that break easily and the cheap China Junk sellers are crying right now.. mavmount is killing them all."

-Roger L.

Just a note to thank you for the great service. Received the order below yesterday…..that is less than 48 hours from ordering which is pretty awesome. Also the Mavmount is a great tool with the DJI Mavic Pro that I also received yesterday (was like Christmas Day!!). I use the Mavmount with the Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ and a Aerial Drone Accessories Master Sunshade. Works perfectly. Being 65 years old, I need a "drive-in" screen….ha. Your Mavmount is first class and do not have to worry about it breaking. Best of all…. it is made in the USA!!

Best Regards.

-Tom D.

"Received the MavMount today, and as a manufacturing equipment maintenance/amateur machinist guy I can say this tablet holder mount is rock solid holding my iPad air 2. The Aluminum base plate and pivot post all CNC aluminum, the tablet holder can mount the tablet 2 different ways and is made of some kind of quality plastic material that has a nice latching mechanism and holds firm.The overall balance of the controller and iPad is natural and not clunky. I first bought the SKYRET tablet mount holder from amazon and it was all cheap plastic and could barely hold the iPad in place, I didn't trust and tossed it on my garage junk pile. You couldn't make this yourself for what you can buy it for and trust me I have access to the machines that do."