Hoodman Hav3 sun hood for iPad 10.5″ – Mavic Drone – Pro sun shade


The HAV3 aviator sun hood for DJI MAVIC drone pilots mounts to your larger 10.5″ iPad for improved outdoor viewing.


This is a must have for drone pilots looking to get professional shots from the Mavic drone. Its impossible to expose a image correctly if you have a screen washed out by the sun or bright lights, but the havv1 hav1e combo is the professionals choice. I’ve used one for years on my Inspire drone, and knew immediately I needed to make the MavMount so i could use a pro hood like I do for the movies. You’ll love it too.

The HAV3 aviator hood for drone pilots mounts to your iPad Pro 10.5″ for improved outdoor viewing. The bottom panel of the aviator hood has a unique pierceable feature to aid in touch screen access. Two adjustable mounting straps make mounting quick and easy. A horizontal safety strap prevents iPad from falling forward out of its mount. Hood mount measurements: 9.75″ W x 6.75″ H x 6.25″ D.

The HAV3E is an extender hood that mounts over the HAV3 hood for times when drone videographers/photographers require a longer viewfinder hood for optimum glare free outdoor iPad Pro 10.5″ Overall distance from iPad Pro 10.5″ with extender 13″.