Lanyard attachment clip with Easy Disconnect Lanyard

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Lanyard only.

This attachment clip allows any MavMount adapter to use our easy disconnect RC Lanyard.

It includes a CNC milled 6061 aluminum tab designed specifically for our MavMount ballhead.

The pro RC lanyard is fully adjustable with wide, soft silky material that wont bite into your skin, with a quick disconnect to be able to set the controller down easily, and then clip back up when you need.

When using our lanyard with a DJI Crystal Sky monitor, use the micro USB plug on the side of your Crystal Sky monitor.

Like all lanyards, they are great, but best practice is to always keep a hand on your controller rig. Lanyards are used to take most of the weight off a controller for ease of use, but a “free hanging controller” isn’t recommended, considering the cost of an iPad.